Israel says it will allow two trucks of fuel a day into Gaza

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Israel has yielded to US pressure by agreeing to allow two fuel trucks per day into the Gaza Strip. A US State Department official disclosed that approximately 140,000 liters of fuel will be permitted every two days. The primary use of this fuel is intended for aid delivery trucks and to support the UN in delivering vital water and sanitation services.

A portion of the fuel allocation will also go towards restoring mobile phone and internet services, which had been disrupted due to a lack of fuel. Despite these efforts, aid agencies express serious concerns that the current fuel allowance is woefully insufficient to sustain their crucial humanitarian operations. This heightens the already pressing fears of a growing risk of starvation among the population as they desperately seek access to food. The situation is complex, navigating a delicate balance between political considerations and the urgent humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. What are your thoughts on these developments?


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