Music therapy articles

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* Học Hòa âm phối khí trên Logic Pro X
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I can suggest some reputable sources where you can find articles related to music therapy:

  1. PubMed: This is a comprehensive database of biomedical literature, including research articles on music therapy. You can search for music therapy-related studies and papers using keywords such as “music therapy,” “music intervention,” or specific conditions you are interested in.
  2. Journal of Music Therapy: This is a well-known peer-reviewed journal that publishes research articles, case studies, and reviews related to music therapy. You can access articles from this journal through academic databases or their official website.
  3. Music Therapy Perspectives: Another reputable journal dedicated to music therapy research and practice. You can find articles related to various aspects of music therapy in this publication.
  4. ResearchGate: It’s a platform that allows researchers to share and access scientific publications. You can find music therapy articles shared by researchers and professionals on this platform.
  5. Google Scholar: This is a freely accessible search engine that indexes scholarly articles from various disciplines, including music therapy. You can use it to search for specific topics related to music therapy.

When searching for articles, it’s essential to focus on reputable and peer-reviewed sources to ensure the quality and reliability of the information. Additionally, many universities and research institutions have online libraries with access to academic journals, so you may check if you have access to such resources through your educational institution.


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